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10 Highlights Of The Film UV Printer

1. The film UV printer has high resolution and low printing cost, which greatly reduces the production cost of the special soft film printing industry. Because thin film UV printers do not require complex procedures such as film, plate making, and chromatography. Printing costs have dropped a lot. This resolution can be adjusted in the software of the film UV printer. High resolution results in high quality printouts. Different speeds and resolutions can save costs in different printing situations.

2. The film UV printer uses imported original Epson printing, which can print high quality pictures and realistic colors. 80% of soft film UV printer manufacturers use Epson's printing heads. It enjoys a good reputation for its stable performance, cost-effectiveness, bright colors, and simple operation and maintenance. Film UV printers also provide direction for high resolution and high speed bi-directional printing!

3. The basis of the soft film UV printer is designed by a flat UV printer. Different sizes have different printing platforms. It can print large soft film designs and sliding doors with different soft film covers. There is a huge demand in this market of soft film UV printer.

4. Film UV printer, suitable for mass production or small batch production. The production of these two batches of flexible film printing and the function of small-scale production are the same cost. Small-scale production brings higher profits. Mass production can be performed using a special mold for soft film printing. Mass production will be more convenient if you arrange the printing of soft film products into molds and molds that can be reused for a long time.

5. The film UV printer uses UV flexible ink. It can be printed on any kind of soft film material, PVC material. It is waterproof and scratch resistant.

6. The film UV printer has stable performance during printing. Normally, the hardware will not be broken unless manually operated improperly. Improvements in our producing technology have made the structure of film UV printers more suitable.

7. Film UV printers have a variety of functions and are widely used in fashion processes. Film UV printers are a new type of UV digital printing equipment in recent years. This is a new process in the special soft film printing industry, which has high-quality printing, rich colors, transition colors, gradient color process and any printing design. It is widely used in soft film, sliding door, advertising design, sign making, handicraft design, DIY design and other industries.

8. Film UV printers have no material limitations. It can print any soft film material within the specified thickness range. Having overcome drawbacks of the traditional printing method, the film UV printer can print thick or thin film materials up to 18cm thick.

9. Film UV printer with automatic cleaning system. The cover station can clean the UV print head and automatically operate according to the cleaning method to prevent nozzle clogging.

10. This film UV printer adjusts the print height and batch settings. The printing height can be adjusted according to the soft film material. Thin film UV printers use horizontally and vertically printing patterns. Maintain a suitable print height after setting to achieve perfect print results. Mass production will be set up automatically, saving repeated steps as a result.
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