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Advantage Analysis of Mobile Back Cover Photo Printing Machine

Efficient binding equipment enables enterprise of mobile cover photo printing machine to offer a more comprehensive service, faster process time and cost, with faster delivery times and lower costs from printing to finishing to delivery. Savings become a very powerful competitive weapon. And the current environment of the packaging industry also provides a prerequisite for the development of digital printing equipment.

1. Suitable product characteristics

From the development history of commercial printing, technology of mobile cover photo printing machine is the first to enter the packaging field, and will eventually evolve into one of the mainstream technologies. Commercial printing companies have a thorough understanding of the trend of mobile cover photo printing technology, so at first they realized that being the first one can create new opportunities. The high value-added, short version and other features have created high profits for the enterprise. When the traditional printing volume began to show a gradual decline, the mobile cover photo printing machine volume showed a steady increase.

The past of commercial printing companies is just like the packaging printing industry currently facing mobile cover photo printing machine. No need for plate making, short preparation times, fast job switching, and the ability to handle variable data and color excellence make this technology seem like a lot to offer.

High adaptability is a key factor in the successful occupation of the commercial printing market by mobile cover photo printing machine technology. This advantage is equally applicable to the packaging industry, especially the obvious features of a wide range of substrates, which can be easily handled in three areas: flexible packaging, cardboard and hard plastics. With the continuous advancement of mobile cover photo printing machine technology, the current solutions on the market can be successfully applied to the fields of film, plastic, folding carton and corrugated paper, and the processing of various thin papers is better than that of traditional flexibly printing machines. The challenges that early commercial printers faced when using mobile cover photo printing machine technology included workflow and post-press solutions. Today, many workflows and post-press manufacturers have introduced various solutions for both offset and mobile phone case printing systems.

2. Good basis for application

Just as commercial printing companies initially used mobile back cover photo printing machine technology to have a large number of reliable orders, some packaging companies that entered the mobile back cover photo printing machine technology gradually began to see the benefits. With the continuous penetration of this technology in the packaging field, the advantages of the mobile back cover photo printing machine technology will be more obvious, and the performance of the workflow and the postpress system will be more stable.

Compared with commercial printing competitors, packaging and printing companies have mature, independent technology ten years ago. In terms of design capabilities, the current demand of brand sellers is more biased towards complex and efficient product design, which creates conditions for the development of mobile back cover photo printing machine technology in the packaging field. Commercial printing companies need to conduct long-term training for the sales team, and then persuade the customers to take advantage of the mobile phone shell printing machine to expand their business.

At the same time, when dealing with a variety of printing jobs, packaging and printing companies are more secure than commercial printing companies.
At present, long-distance printing is still the choice of most enterprises in the field of packaging and printing, but the opportunities brought by the short-term and fast switching of mobile back cover photo printing machine have been very clear. At the same time, flexibly presses provide high quality and high efficiency for long-run job printing, and thus set a new role in the future development. For many commercial printing companies, offset presses require a large number of orders to operate, but the profit margin is very low, so it is relatively difficult to create new growth points for the company.
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