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Advantages and Characteristics of Metal Sheet Printing Presses

With the gradual improvement of the advertising industry's business day and day, the traditional printing equipment has been unable to keep up with the customer's demand in terms of speed and precision. The metal sheet printing machine has become the  top choice of printing equipment for the advertising industry customers without any surprise.

What are the advantages of metal sheet printing machines?

First, high quality, high efficiency and high precision
Japan's original all-steel industrial grade nozzles with an accuracy of up to 1440dpi, color gamut extended to 8 colors, impeccable color reproduction and simpler nozzle calibration result in optimized print performance and speed. Printing speeds of up to 35 square meters per hour in working mode allow a lot of work to be done in a short time.

Second, excellent printing quality
The metal sheet printing machine adopts the ink dot controlling technology, the output image is more perfect, the bright part is more delicate, the dark part is more vivid and the transition color is more natural. The minimum 7 pl drop of ink allows you to barely see the dots, and the superior print quality is comparable to that of a photo. Smooth gradations and fine detailing save 50% of the ink cost and uniform solid density performance compared to the six-color system.

Third, printing with white ink
A flexible white ink that can be used to achieve a variety of colored or transparent media. A flexible hard material can be used to print up to two layers at a time. The three-layer mode (color and white can be combined as needed) increases the bump print.

Fourth, safe and reliable printing protection
The programmatic design of the UV shutter system effectively protect and operate sensitive nozzle protection design of printing heads so as to prevent damage to the printing head caused by abnormal protrusions. It is a fully enclosed system and more secure.

Fifth, low printing cost and simple to operate
The printing costs only 5 yuan (full size) per square meter, the cost is low but the profit is high. The operation of Metal sheet printing machine is also very simple. Fully controlled by computer, it only requires one person to be capable of ps operation.

We remind customers here that you can't blindly purchase metal sheet printing machine. You may test the performance of the UV ink printer on the spot. Kingsway's sheet metal printing machine is your best choice.
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