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Advantages of Film UV Printers

The film UV printer uses UV-curable ink to make the printing process clean, environmentally friendly, low-consumption, and continuous production. At the same time, UV-curable printed products have high performances such as abrasion resistance, high hardness, solvent resistance and embossing effect. It has superior quality over other printing methods. Therefore, the film UV printer is a new type of new printing machine used in the modern soft film printing industry.

There are many benefits to using a film UV printer to print soft film products. Soft film UV inks provide good printing results and high print quality. In the printing process, there are characteristics such as the non-polluting and non-volatile solvent, stable viscosity, strong adhesion, clear dots, good reproducibility, bright ink and other physical properties can not be changed, which is suitable for high-value soft film products.

Why choose film UV printer from Kingsway UV Printer China Manufacturer?

1. Simple printing solution
The film UV printer has its own simple printing procedure, which does not require thermal transfer of various instruments and materials such as plate making, plate burning, and repeated chromatography. Only one operator can absolutely print with the film UV printer separately, which is convenient for cost savings and human resources. When the printing is completed, you can get the printed output. Operators with low requirements for work experience only need some simple training.

2. Perfectly compatible

The film UV printer is perfectly compatible with different industries and materials. Film UV printers not only print soft film materials, but also print on other flexible materials such as polyurethane, PVC, canvas, wallpaper, soft film and flexible banners. The use of machine-translated film UV printers avoids the problems caused by screen printing and transferred printing. It meets diverse market needs and provides users with comprehensive production services.

3. Accurate printing location

The film UV printer avoids the positional shift of conventional printing methods during manual printing. UV ink printer does not like previous simple manual operations and process printing and computer connections, combined with automated controlling technology. The film UV printer is able to accurately find the correct position to print, and can be printed in 4 colors or 5 colors. Therefore, it does not require any chromatographic-alignment position. The advantages of these ultraviolet printings affect the process of soft films such as engraving of soft films and etching of soft films. There are beautiful pictures that can be printed in engraved areas or precision etched. Film UV printers make a breakthrough in the soft film engraving industry.

4. The right color transition picture

Conventional soft film printing methods can hardly transit color through painting, such as screen printing. Therefore, the effect of screen printing is significantly limited, that is, it can only print in different vivid colors and difficult to display color transitions through the picture. However, many customers need color conversion, logos, etc. for printed brands as high resolution and complex soft film materials. It also has a wider range of applications, pictures, gifts and crafts. Film UV printers can fully meet these requirements. It has a strong potential market that breaks through the barriers of screen printing and thermal printing. Customers will find new features that make higher profits through film UV printers.

5. Suitable for various industries

Film UV printers are suitable for using in less common industries. The film UV printer can change the printing content and printing effect at any time, and can perform one-to-one digital UV printing. For example, many soft film designs can be printed at the same time. Another example is the name and work permission of different staff.
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