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Advantages of Mobile Back Cover Photo Printing Machine of Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo

Nowadays market of mobile back cover is very popular, today Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo will introduce the advantages of the mobile cover photo printing machine.

First of all, the mobile back cover photo printing machine is simple and convenient to operate and there is no need for plate making and repeated coloring process. Secondly, the printing speed of the digital printing equipment is fast, the cost is low and it is completely suitable for industrial mass production. Overcomes the boundaries of materials: it can print any media within a specified thickness, completely overcoming the traditional printing methods that use only special paper and special specifications and can print very thin or very thick objects.

Automatic cleaning system: Significant anti-spray clogging function automatically cleans the print head in various modes according to the consumer's choice, thus preventing nozzle clogging.

Unaffected by the material of the object: It can print rich colors on the surface of the phone case, finished and semi-finished products of the phone case (also can be printed: small parts storage box, wallet, purse, trademark, plaque, etc.), or directly in soft and hard true color graphic UV printing of images on the surface of the object. Since the nozzle is non-contact with the media surface during printing, it does not deform due to heat and pressure, so it can also be printed on raw materials (such as leather and textiles) that are easily deformed and soft.

The mobile back over photo printing machine can realize high-precision perfect printing, and use the special UV ink provided by Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo to make the output image effect realistic and achieve photo quality. The image is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant and never fades. The maximum print width is 1.625 meters wide and the length is not limited. The large-capacity ink tank eliminates the need to change the ink cartridges frequently, which affects printing efficiency while minimizing printing costs. It adopts special waterproof ink, clear and perfect printing quality, clear layers, all visible color blocks, no color cast, color mixing phenomenon, waterproof, wear-resistant, quality non-thermal transfer, silk screen and other traditional processes comparable. Ultra-low printing cost can save more than 80% of the cost compared to the existing thermal transfer process.

Finally, the design of the mobile cover photo printing machine: overall, simple, easy-to-operate, convenient, fully humanized scientific design. Follow the mainstream with a popular color design. The main buttons are arranged on the right side of the body, so from the front, the appearance of the panel is very simple, and the lines are simple and neat.

Having said these much, I believe that everyone is interested in this product, and the impulse is not as good as action. Come to Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo to purchase mobile cover photo printing machine, use LED curing light and it will be dry once being printed. The best choice for entrepreneurship, the beginning of the dream to take off, everything is as simple as that!
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