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Application Skills And Methods of UV Coating For Wood UV Flatbed Printer

First, ensure that the surface of the wood material to be printed is kept flat and clean before printing on the UV flatbed printer for wood. Since the working environment is impossible without any dust, we can spray some water to reduce the dust in the air before coating.

Secondly, it is best to wipe the surface of the material with a professional dust cloth, because the professional dust cloth is much softer and has a strong adsorption capacity and a strong cleaning ability.

The UV coating of UV flatbed printer for wood is suitable for organic wood, wood craft, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystals, etc., requiring special treatment. There are two coatings that are transparent and white. They can all be made into a glossy effect and a matte effect. But white color paint can be better to resist the boiling of water. The paint is always matched to the varnish. The adhesion of UV inks is very important for UV printing of wood. Because the varnish is easy to print if it is too strong. The best way is to print less than twice.

If you want to purchase or you are looking for a UV flatbed printer for wood like this, we highly recommend that you buy it directly from the digital printing equipment manufacturers of UV flatbed printer for wood. Kingsway recommends that you visit our company to understand the performance of the UV flatbed printer for wood and the most important after-sales service. Kingsway has been working in the wood printing field for many years. So the technology of our wood in the wood printing industry is quite mature. We are working hard to improve and update the technology to meet the fast-moving needs of the market. Kingsway sincerely serves you and establishes a long-term business relationship with you.
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