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The Difference between UV Printers and Traditional Printing Methods

Traditional Printing Methods:

1 Traditional printing requires film, screen, plate making, etc. This requires money and manpower, resulting in excessive printing costs.

2 The color is more complicated, and once it is finalized, it cannot be modified.

3 Large-scale production is required to reduce production costs.

4 When transferring the sublimation ink, you need to print the picture on the transfer paper first. When transferring to the surface of the printing medium, there are some problems that are difficult to solve, such as color deviation and color deviation. The scrap rate is also relatively high. The finished product is not strong enough and is easily scraped off. It is usually necessary to apply a protective film, and special transfer requires flexible plate making.

5 The traditional sign making process is more complicated. Engraving, etching, and color filling are all used. The other is the method of laser engraving. Even in such a troublesome situation, only a single color picture can be produced. The colored patterns are not printed, and there is nothing to do with the color patterns.

6 Operation requires experienced workers to operate. The demand for personnel is relatively high, and the manual ratio is also high, which has a relatively high labor cost for processing enterprises.

UV printer Printing Method:

1 UV printers are not limited by materials, and can be printed as long as they are flat. It is now not limited to printing only flat materials. Printed materials such as cylinders can also be printed, as many wines are now printed on Wide format UV printers.

2 UV printers do not require plate making, printing is quick and easy, and the cost is low. The general printing cost is only 3-5 yuan per square meter.

3 UV printers are equipped with professional color management software to support a variety of different file formats. Modifying the color is also a comparison. Full-color patterns, gradients can also be easily printed for photo-quality effects. The UV printer with more Ricoh nozzles in the market can reach 1200*2400dpi with very accurate positioning and low scrap rate.

4 UV printers are easy to operate and do not require skilled experience. Novices can get started with simple training and use computer to save labor costs. It has no staff to rely on, and the upgrade space is also relatively large. UV printer manufacturers such as JSW, which have R&D technology, can customize the most efficient UV printers for their customers according to their products.
Difference between UV Printers and Traditional Printing Methods

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