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What is the Difference Between UV Printing and Screen Printing?

The biggest headache for UV printing starters is the problem of selection. So what exactly make UV printing so different from screen printing? In comparison with the traditional screen printing, which possesses obviously more developed technology, can the UV printing technology reach the same level?

1. Cost comparison Between Screen Printing and UV Printing

The traditional screen printing requires film plate, the cost is expensive, and the screen printing point can’t be eliminated, need pipeline production to reduce the cost, almost impossible for small batch production or print individual product.

UV printing just needs simple image processing instead of complex layout design, after the computer finished calculating related data, the user can easily operate through software. Also, an individual product can be printed conveniently. The inkjet printer doesn't limit the minimum quantity of printing, which in some way greatly saved time and cost.

2. Process Comparison Between Screen Printing and UV Printing 

The screen printing process is complicated, based on the manuscript, select layout design and printing procedure according to different materials. There are many kinds of processing, different material required different procedure, the production is tough.

The processing of UV printing, in the other way, is much easier, the user only have to put the media to be printed on the platform and fix the position, then when the selected HD image finished layout design and positioning, the printing can start right away. For different materials, the general printing modes are almost the same, except for some materials required layer and varnish.

3. Quality comparison Between Screen Printing and UV Printing

The product printed by screen printing has lower solidity, easy to be scraped off and not water-proof. It takes some time for the product to be seasoned after finished.

For the UV printer, the colors are more comprehensive, the unique color management system eliminated the color collaboration process and the results present more vivid colors. The product printed by UV printer possess certain advantages such as water-proof, anti-scratch, abrasion resistance, etc. More importantly, the materials won’t be an obstacle, as long as the size and unevenness of the media is within allowance, they can be printed by UV inkjet printers.
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