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The Difference between UV Tablet and Screen Printing

Many people who don't know UV printers have a vague distinction between UV printers and screen printing. Today we will give you a detailed distinction, which is why the current Large format UV flatbed printers have gradually eliminated traditional screen printing.

Cost difference:

Traditional screen printing requires a filmmaking process. The labor needs are also more, the time spent is longer, and the scrap rate is higher, and the printing and processing costs are very large. The screen prints that have been made cannot be eliminated. Only high-volume production can reduce costs and cannot be printed in small batches or individual products. Reprinting is required for each different sample printed. But the UV flatbed printer does not need such a complicated process, and any typesetting process can save the film process. Just use PS software to do simple image processing. Set the parameters to print directly. One person can operate with one computer. Moreover, the UV tablet is not limited by the number of prints. Even if the number of prints is very small, there is no cost loss, which greatly improves the cost of the printing industry.

Process difference:

The screen printing process is a relatively complicated process. First, you need to use the original, and then choose the plate making and printing process according to different printing materials. There are many types of crafts, different printing materials have different processes, and the operation process is quite troublesome. The process of UV flatbed printers is relatively simple. As long as the printing material is placed on the adsorption platform of the wide format UV printer, the appropriate printing position is selected and fixed, and the pattern to be printed is placed in the software for simple typesetting positioning processing. After processing, you can start printing directly with your computer. Some require special processes to do coating and varnish treatment, such as a smooth surface of the substrate such as ceramic tiles.

Difference in print quality:

Although screen printing is costly and complicated, it is half the battle. The printed pattern is not very good. The printed pattern is also relatively firm, easily rubbed off, and is not waterproof. After printing, it needs to be air-dried before it is completely completed. The color printed by the UV tablet is also relatively comprehensive. It has its own color management system that does not require coloring itself. Screen printing can not be printed on the gradient UV tablet can also be easily printed. The print effect is vivid. The finished product also has functions of waterproofing resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance. The embossed effect with a very strong three-dimensional effect can also be printed perfectly.
The difference between UV Tablet and Screen Printing

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