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Digital UV Printing on Wallpaper

As the development of UV digital printing technology and the promotion of requirement for home decoration, the customization has become more and more popular, which is design for the customer according to their preference in the house type, material, size, and then put into production and installation, including the wallpaper, wall paintings, decoration paintings, hallway, suspend ceiling, ceramic backdrop, tree-wood flower, tree-wood imitation floor, melamine sliding door, colorful artist glass, and so on.

Digital UV Printing on Wallpaper Solutions

The decorative picture UV printer adopts the no-touch printing technology, any picture can be print out for one time with a simple procedure and no plate is a technical innovation for drawings and silk printing. Moreover, its picture is colorful and it is prevented from water, sunblock, wear and fading, the equipment can print the colored ink and white ink at the same time. The creative ideal of digital printing has brought a new trend to this line with overwhelming power because it can meet the requirement of mass production in all line and slash the cost for the customer with easy operation and stable performance.

Targeted Application Field of Digital Wallpaper Printer

The UV digital wallpaper printer can apply to print decorative picture without limitation of material and photo. It is widely used in wallpaper, wall painting, decorative picture, hallway, suspending ceiling, ceramic backdrop, canvas, rice paper, organic board, wooden plate, and so on. Our UV digital wallpaper can be printed out with various effects like 3D, relief.

The Advantage of Large Format UV Printer In Printing Wallpaper Wall Painting

  1. Supply with odorless UV ink, the cured ink will be totally odorless after leaving for several days, therefore, it is applied to indoor and the ink can be completely bent without cracking.
  2. The picture adhesion is great, its durability for washing and crumbling can reach grade five, while for UV is grade seven.
  3. High definition, up to 720*1200 DPI photo-grade accuracy; high color revivification, completely as same as printing color.
  4. The perfect mechanical structure guarantees the cloth rolling without deviation, which can be less than one centimeter even printing material up to 100m, for that matter, it is the real called industrial large format UV printer. Furthermore, the UV digital wallpaper printer's performance is stable under continuous work of 48 hours, its easy operation enables one person to maintenance several printers.
Digital UV Printing on Wallpaper

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