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What are the Environment Requirements of Using Large Format UV Printer?

1. The ideal conditions is dust-free working environment, operate the machine in a place as clean as possible. This can prevent the dust and other foreign materials fall on the axle, raster or vital components, causing the malfunction of Large Format UV printer.

2. Keep the machine clean and tidy, do not pile up other items on the equipment, in case something fall into the running machine and disturb the normal work. When the printer is operating, please keep your head, hands or other objects away from the machine, this may interrupt the normal operation of the equipment and cause unnecessary damage to personnel or equipment.

3. When using the machine, we recommend less air fluidity environment with temperature in range of 15-25℃,and a air humidity no less than 70%.

4. Direct exposure to the sunlight is forbidden when using UV printer, this will lead to the ink deterioration and block the print head.

5. Please operate the machine on flat and stationary base.

6. Please set the anti-static wiring, eliminate the static before using, this will prevent parts like small components and circuits from burnt.
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