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Features And Marketing Potential of UV Flatbed Printer For Wood

UV flatbed printers for wood can help you open up new markets. With the rapid development of society and the development of new things, if there is a digital printing machine that can print on any material in different industries, that will be beyond people's imagination. It can print the imprint effect directly, and it can also print normal graphic prints at the same time. These two technologies will bring wealth opportunities in the graphic printing market, where the application is commonly used in the industry of wood sliding door printing. At present, the general processing and production of products is in low level, single color, and the crafting technology is not advanced enough, quality of which can not be guaranteed as well. These products can not meet the needs of customers. Therefore, with the advent of UV flatbed printers for wood, the status quo and reasons for the market as well as the re-application of wood in the current peak season have changed. Nowadays, there are a lot of industries in the downturn, just like the wood printing industry. If you have an idea in this area and understand the uv flatbed printer for wood, then you are a new breakthrough. We believe that if you have a uv flatbed printer for wood, you will have the wealth. Let uv flatbed printers for wood create brilliance for you. Transforming uv flatbed printers for wood into a new start for your business.

1. High-quality printing output on wood
Some customers are afraid to buy this uv flatbed printer for wood because many uv flatbed printers for wood print wood that fades. In fact, inks and coatings can affect the fading of UV inks. The uv flatbed printer for wood uses UV ink to print only on the wood. The high-quality uv flatbed printer for wood is equipped with special colorful inks, which can print the high-resolution with small and even dots, making the picture delicate and bright.

2. High-quality UV ink and UV coating for wood
On the basis of ensuring the maximum color reproduction of the image, please select professional colorful UV ink to enhance the adhesion of the uv flatbed printer of wood. In general, it is resistance scratches that do not fade. If a small number of customers have high requirements for adhesion, the company will also provide a special wood UV coating to make the UV ink printing on the wood stronger!

3. Multiple configuration options and functions
The uv flatbed printer for wood is a practical device that is widely used in various fields, using Japanese Konica nozzles, Epson and Ricoh. The uv flatbed printer for wood can print colorful images of wood and print faster than traditional methods of wood board printing. UV lamps or LED UV cold light source systems are also used. It can dry quickly while being printed. More importantly, wood and stronger uv flatbed printers for wood are UV ink printers that can print on any material as long as it is flat and hard material. For example, wood, wood, ceramic, acrylic, PVC, PU, leather, metal, aluminum composite panel, KT board, foam, phone, etc. No matter which color you need, no matter how fast the printing speed you need, you can print a variety of image effects you want as long as your printed materials are flat. We provide more solutions for different industries!

4. How to solve the adhesion problem
UV ink of the UV flatbed printer for wood can be printed on any surface. However, the bonding strength of different materials varies. For example, wood materials, leather materials, such materials have better adhesion and UV lithography for image printing that is not faded. However, the relative density of various materials such as wood, crystal, metal, ceramics, etc. is large, and the image sticking point is weak with a UV flatbed printer.

5. How to solve production problems
If you want the uv flatbed printer for wood to print images with greater adhesion, you can improve their adhesion through pre-treatment and post-treatment. For example, the wood surface material can be printed by a professional uv flatbed printer for wood with a coating that enhances the bonding strength. Therefore, the sticking between printed images becomes stronger after printing the uv flatbed printer for wood. Or you can apply a layer of varnish to the surface of printed wood to prevent the image from touching with the environment. There are still many techniques for increasing image adhesion and scratch resistance, such as double-sided wood printing, which maintains an image between two pieces of wood to protect the image from falling off forever.

6. How to solve the waterproof problem
It is still a problem after solving the problem of UV-printed image sticking of wood that most customers are faced with images that are not waterproof.

Today, this is an era of individuality, so the uv flatbed printer for wood has a prosperous market. The individual wood industry has broad market prospects. No matter what time is, if you seize this business opportunity, you can hold the treasure. Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of uv flatbed printer for wood, welcome to purchase.
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