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Glass Flatbed Printer Lasts Without Fading

Glass flatbed printers, as the name implies, are devices for printing glass, but do you know that glass flatbed printers can not only print glass, but also other flat materials such as metal, ceramic tiles, acrylic, etc. And the printing effect is also very good. Not only that, but its advantages are also very numerous, as shown in the following points:

1, The printing effect is good and lasting without fading
The glass flatbed printer uses imported UV ink, which is green, bright and stable. According to the US Waste Standard (RCRA), waste contains no harmful ingredients. The flexible ink has high tensile strength and can stretch 20% on the original basis without breaking. It has good characteristics like excellent fluency, no drawing, no easy plugging, high temperature resistance and strong adhesion. The picture can be kept outdoors for 10 years and indoors for 20 years without fading.

2, Printing accuracy of the equipment is high
The glass flatbed printer uses Japanese original all-steel industrial grade nozzles, which are world-class in accuracy, speed, durability and stability. The long life span, the color gamut is extended to 8 colors, the color reproduction is impeccable, and the nozzle calibration is simpler, bringing out optimal printing performance and speed. Printed with a minimum ink drop of 7 pl, the superior printing quality is comparable to that of a photo, with smooth gradients and fine detailing that saves 50% of the ink cost and uniform solid color density compared to a six-color system.

3, the large format flatbed printer platform is of good quality
The glass flatbed printer uses a full-steel frame and the machining center process to ensure that the plate error is within 0.005mm. After January natural aging treatment, we ensure no deformation after processing. Welded with 4mm thick square steel as well as the bridge-structure design, it is ensured that the stability of the all-aluminum platform and the machine.

4, printing speed is fast
The glass flatbed printer is a kind of industrial machines. It uses industrial nozzles and has the fastest printing speed of 35 square meters per hour. It meets the mass production of enterprises, speeds up the printing process and brings more profits to the enterprise.

5, low printing costs
The glass flatbed printer is very simple to operate, and only requires one manual to complete all operations. The labor cost is low and the printing cost is low as well. The full-size printing only needs 5 yuan per square meter.

In fact, the advantages of glass flatbed printers can not only be this little, if you want to know the other advantages and market value of glass flatbed printers, you can contact us to find out more!
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