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How to Choose Digital Ceramic Decal Printer

What is the digital ceramic decal printer, what are its main uses, the cost and effect of the pattern printing, and how to properly select the digital ceramic decal printer?

The first way to choose digital ceramic decal printer:
Starting from the nozzle, the tile itself is a smooth material with a high surface reflection. The modification of the small nozzle will cause the nozzle to be scrapped in less than 2 months. It seems to be cheap but the cost of replacing the nozzle 6 times a year is very high and it is not worth the candle. With the development of industrial digital printing equipment, not only the speed is far superior to the civilian nozzle, but the precision is also due to the precision of civilian use.

The second way to choose digital ceramic decal printer:
Starting from the format, if the tile is used as a background wall, it requires 2m or even 3m, and the small-format equipment cannot meet the requirements. At the same time the format is a banner, not a length. This is a point that bad manufacturers deceive users. It is said that the length of 2.5m is fast and accurate. The industry consensus is that once the length of the printing device exceeds the length of the banner, the accuracy and stability will decrease by 10%, and the products that are basically driven by the back distance are scrapped.

The third way to choose digital ceramic decal printer:
Looking at the strength of the factory, this aspect involves a lot. If there are equipment such as Seiko, Ricoh and Kyocera, the strength will be high. The latter's word of mouth, although this is more of a fake component, but if a family is said to be poor, then the side proves that the strength is not good and it is not recommended to buy.

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