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How to Judge Whether UV Ink Is Completely Cured By UV Lamp or not

When performing uv printing on aluminum, how to discriminate that the UV ink is completely cured by the UV lamp. Sometimes the surface of the ink is observed by the naked eye and the surface seems to be solidified. But actually, how to identify it requires a professional method. Let us introduce four methods to judge whether the UV ink is completely cured by the UV lamp during the process.

1. Test of pencil hardness: Through pencil hardness test, if it meets the requirements (usually 3-4h), then that the ink of uv printing on aluminum has been completely cured will be proved. If the requirement is not reached, the curing time, whether the UV lamp power is sufficient, the speed of the mesh belt of the UV ink printer and other factors should be considered. .

2. Test of drop solvent: After the propionic acid solution was dropped on the surface for 2 min according to the performance of the solvent, if there was a change, it was confirmed that the ink of the uv printing on aluminum was not cured by the UV lamp. After the analysis ink is completely cured, the internal molecular structure changes to the double bond and when the conversion is completed, then the ink is integrally formed into a tight coating layer.

3. Test of pressure: use a bottom surface to flatten the weight of about 500g, put a small amount of silk cotton fiber on the surface of the product, press the weight on the cotton fiber for a few minutes, then remove the weight, if the cotton fiber does not stick to it, it can be proved that the ink is completely cured, otherwise it is not cured.

4. Surface appearance: The surface of the fully cured UV ink is very bright, there will be no hairiness, no ghost on the edges, and the overall effect is perfect.

The above four methods can be better judged whether it has been completely cured. There is knowledge about this aspect. Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo will continue to update our products and look forward to your attention.
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