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How To Solve the Adhesion, Waterproof and Scratch Resistance Problem of UV Ink for Digital Printing

The UV ink printer of digital printing machine onto acrylic can print on any surface, but the adhesion of various materials is different. The adhesion of materials such as wood and leather is better. Digital printing machine onto acrylic does not peel off easily after printing on the image, but materials such as glass, crystal, metal, ceramic tile, etc. are relatively dense. The adhesion of the screen on the digital printing machine onto acrylic will be a little bit worse.

For making images of digital printing onto acrylic have higher adhesion, pre- and post-treatment can be used to increase their adhesion. For example, before digital printing on acrylic, a professional coating is sprayed on the surface of the acrylic material and the coating has the effect of increasing the adhesion of the image and the image adhesion after the digital printing onto acrylic is much higher. It is also possible to apply a layer of varnish to the surface of the acrylic material after printing to isolate the direct contact with the image. For the problem of increasing image adhesion and scratch resistance, there are also some other processes, such as double-sided glass, which seals the image between the glass to achieve the purpose of permanently peeling off the image.

After the image adhesion problem is solved, the image is not waterproof and has always been a problem that plagues customers. The best way to solve this problem is to spray a layer of professional UV varnish on the printed material of the digital printing machine on acrylic sheet. UV varnish can not only increase the adhesion of the image, but also waterproof, making it beautiful. The pattern does not easily peel off in the case of contact with water.

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