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Introduction And Application of UV Flatbed Printer For Wood

The UV flatbed printer for wood is a kind of large format UV printer that is professionally used for commercial gifts and crafts. Uv flatbed printer for wood adopts UV-curing technology for users to print photos directly on the wood surface. It maintains printing effects for a long time and brighter indoors as well as outdoors. Light curing technology is the perfect combination of UV curing ink and UV digital printing technology.

Uv flatbed printer for wood is becoming more fashionable and popular. When it comes to wood, it reminds us of the windows of our home. Now more and more people are pursuing a kind of personalization and perfection. Of course, it is obvious that a piece of ordinary wood is definitely not eye-catching. What's more, wood manufacturers will spray a layer of image through screen-printed or finished decorative surfaces to make the wood itself more colorful and original.

Applications in the industry of UV flatbed printer for wood

The UV flatbed printer for wood has a very high printing quality and working efficiency. It can print a variety of flats and rigid color UV printing materials such as wood, floor tiles, ceilings, ceramics, organic wood, razors, acrylic, polypropylene hollow board, corrugated board, wood, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum door, PS Board, PVC board, PP board, ABS board, fire board, foam board, PVC foam board, Chevron board, ceramic tile and flexible media such as: fabric, leather, wallpaper, reflective film, canvas, carpet, PVC cloth, etc. The process can print anything you want at high speed and in high resolution. The UV flatbed printer for wood can print wood instantly. It is productive, saves more time and reduces costs. It meets the requirements of all industries, all color printings and all customers.

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