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What is The Price for One High Precision UV Printer?

The price is decided by the size of the machine and the configuration of print heads. Normal price of UV printer varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands US dollars. But the price is not suggested to be the main concern. There are more to be put into consideration, information including the applicable material, performance, technology and the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, more importantly, sound service system and after sales support system.

Kingsway Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known brand in the global market, holding a lot of patents regarding its large format UV printer, is worthy of consideration.

So, exactly how we choose the producer for UV printer? Here we provide some advice for your own discrimination, details are as below:

  • First, learn about the brand and the reputation of the manufacturer from the internet or other sources, make sure the information is correct and avoid being deceived.

  • As expensive as the price is, hundreds of thousands of dollars, go to the factory and check with flesh eyes would be necessary. Should focus on the scale of the factory, the service, professional knowledge and production capacity, etc.

  • Price is not the only standard of distinguishing, different producers and different models will all be different on the price. After comparison, give priority to better after-sales service as well as guaranteed quality.

  • When signing the contract, everything including after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage and spare parts should be written in the agreements.
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