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Proper Usage of UV Flatbed Printer

UV printer is a type of hi-tech full-color digital printer able to print without making screens. It has great potential for different type of materials. It can output photographic colors on the surfaces of ceramic tiles, background wall, sliding door, cabinet, glass, panels, all kinds of signage, PVC, acrylic, and metal, etc. Single time printing without making screens, rich and sharp color, wear resistance, ultraviolet-proof, easy operation and high speed of printing. These all make it perfectly fit the industrial printing standards.

Proper usage of UV flatbed printer manufacturer is the insurance of good performance. So, how to use it properly?

1.Working environment

Due to the unique style of working of UV flatbed printer, the ground of the workplace for UV printer must be flat. Incline and uneven ground will affect the performance, slow down the jetting speed of the nozzles which will lead to overall printing speed decrease.


UV flatbed printer is a high-precision machine and has been correctly adjusted by the manufacturer before shipping, do not lose the fittings without permission in the transportation course. Avoid places where temperature and humidity changing very fast. Caution to be irradiated directly by sunlight, flash or heat source.


Do not move the carriage when the power is still on, in case of breaking the limit switches of the carriage. When the device is printing, do not stop it by force. If the output is abnormal, after the pause the carriage will move back to the base point, we can flush the print head and then resume printing. Printing when ink is running off is strictly forbidden, it will bring severe damage to the print head.


Do not stand on the device or put heavy things on it. The vent should not be covered by the cloth. Replace the cables right after it’s damaged. Don’t touch the plug with wet hands. Before cleaning the device, please turn off the power or unplug the power cables. Clean the inside of the UV printer as well as the outside timely. Don’t wait until the heavy dust cause damage to the printer.
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