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The Cause and the Solution of Image Doubling After a Long Usage of UV Printing

In the long term of using large format UV printer, how to handle the fuzzy and doubling of the font or image blurry when printing small sized font? Below are good solutions to solve this situation.

There are three causes for the doubling after a long term of using UV printer:

1. The raster of the grating decoder malfunctioned or covered by dust.

2. The X guide rail sliding un-smoothly and increased the friction.

3. The parameters of the X and Y axis error.

Solutions of Image Doubling After a Long Usage of UV Printing:

1. Dip alcohol on the clean cloth, wipe part of the grating tape on the machine head, wipe it back and forth until completely clean. Clean the code sensor properly if necessary.

2. Check the carriage mobile part, see if it is smooth, add grease according to circumstances.

3. Use the ink which certificated by the original manufacturer of the printer. There are many cheap inks on the market, but the fusion and purity are bad, this will cause obviously non-uniform ink drops and blocks in the output.

4. If there are no distinct responses after using solutions in above, then we can use print head printing check eliminate if the print head is jammed.

5. Set printer for print head alignment calibration, click the print head calibration in the right click options of the printer icon to adjust the print heads.

6. Finally, check the wiring of the ink tube, in case the ink tube run into the mechanical part of the printer.
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