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The Characteristics of Acrylic Sheet and Digital Printing onto Acrylic

Acrylic sheet has crystal transparency and the rate of light transmittance is over 92%. Acrylic dyed with dye has good color development effect. In addition, acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss and better high temperature performance. Acrylic sheets have good processing properties, which can be processed through both thermoforming (including molding, blow molding and vacuum blistering), as well as machining, like drilling, turning, cutting, etc.

Microcomputer-controlled mechanical cutting and engraving not only greatly improves the machining accuracy, but also produces patterns and shapes that cannot be done in a conventional manner. In addition, the acrylic sheet can be laser-cut and laser-engraved to produce strange products. Transparent acrylic sheets have a transparent light ratio comparable to glass, but the density is only one-third that of glass. In addition, the digital printing equipment is not as fragile as glass. Even if it is destroyed, it will not form sharp fragments like glass. Acrylic has no glass "fragile" and its impact resistance is 200 times stronger than ordinary glass, and it will hardly break. Its load-bearing properties vary with thickness, and the thicker and stronger. Acrylic heat dissipation is relatively poor. This material is most afraid of sharp scratches, but this scratch is also easy to repair and ordinary white toothpaste can be wiped.

Acrylic sheet wearing resistance is close to that of aluminum and it is resistant to a variety of chemicals from time to time. Acrylic sheet has good printability and sprayability and it can give acrylic glass products the ideal surface decoration effect by using digital printing on acrylic sheet and spraying process.

The specially modified acrylic sheet can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet light, and the flame retardant acrylic can help overcome the fire hazard in a specific place. The high impact acrylic impact strength is 6 to 10 times that of acrylic, and the surface is specially treated with super wear resistant acrylic sheet. Can withstand the most demanding tests. All of these acrylic products can be used as materials of digital printing on acrylic sheet!

Acrylic advertising materials are well known and digital printing machine onto acrylic are designed for any advertising material, and can be printed on any advertising material without restriction. Digital color printing such as acrylic advertising signs, wood, glass, crystal, metal, PVC, ABS, plastic, stone, leather, cloth and other textiles. Whether it's a simple block color pattern, a full color pattern or a gradient color. Digital printing machine onto acrylic are powerful, so they are widely used. Digital printing machine onto acrylic is widely used in advertising, gift industry, glass industry, personalized printing industry, packaging industry and so on.

If you have a digital printing machine onto acrylic, because it prints everything and you can take on more business in more industries. It can replace silk screen, pad printing, transfer equipment, no plate making, no coloring, and production. Higher printing quality than traditional methods, easy machine operation, stable performance, direct output from the computer. Fully meet the mass production requirements of various industries, thus significantly improving the market competitiveness of your products.
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