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The Performance Characteristics of Oil Painting Printing Machine for Sale

1. The oil painting printing machine for sale can print on any material and print bright and colorful pictures on the uneven material interface.
2. Using Epson's fifth-generation high-precision nozzle, the printing precision can reach 2880DPI, which can print super clear, fine-screen and colorful Chinese painting, modern painting, oil painting, pattern and other patterns.
3. Digital high-speed UV inkjet printer can be equipped with double nozzles and four colors, oil painting printing machine for sale can meet the industrial mass production printing.
4. The high-sensitivity collision sensor is equipped on the nose carriage, which is like an "airbag" for the precision nozzle, ensuring that the nozzle will not be damaged by accidental impact during the printing process.
5. The intelligent frequency converter automatically and accurately controls the air pressure of the vacuum adsorption platform and maintains stability, ensuring that various sizes of printing media can be stably adsorbed on the printing platform.

6. Unique white ink automatic circulation anti-precipitation function - the white ink in the pipeline can be kept intermittently circulating according to the time period set by the user, effectively preventing the white ink from being precipitated and causing nozzle clogging.
7. Fully automatic large-capacity ink supply system ensures long-term uninterrupted printing, automatic alarm will arise when the ink is insufficient, the operator can add ink at any time, no need to stop midway, and will not affect the normal production process.
8. The oil painting printing machine for sale has the automatic cleaning function of the nozzle, and the operator can clean the nozzle to the best condition without smudging hands. An easy-to-use menu-driven control system with state-of-the-art LCD menus makes it easier for operators to get started.
9.UV light automatically shutter system - the material that is not very heat-resistant can also print the light or the extinction of the left and right UV lamps and select different levels of illumination energy for different types of materials. The printed image can be perfectly solidified.

Through the cooperation with world-famous nozzle manufacturers and software suppliers, advanced and practical technologies have been integrated into the products. Up to now, Kingsway has independently developed a variety of wide-format UV printers, which have a high reputation in the industry and are exported to the market like Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asian countries, and established distribution networks and service systems in many countries and regions around the world. High-quality oil painting printing machine for sale!
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