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The Structure, Performance and Limitations of UV Printer Ink

The ink of the UV printer is the printing ink that has been active in the market in recent years. The entry of UV printer inks has also brought new hope to the printing industry, which is almost a milestone for the printing industry. Because UV printer ink applications have changed the traditional process, the application field has been expanded, and problems that cannot be solved by conventional processes have been realized.

So why is UV printer ink popular with so many people? Then we have to talk about its structure and performance.

Structurally, the pigment particles in the UV printer ink are less than 1 micron in diameter. It is free of volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, and non-irritating odor, ensuring that the ink is not clogged in the printing process, printing is smooth, and curing is fast. It has rich color, high saturation, strong sense of production, and superior color expression. At present, UV printer ink can be printed on some glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, leather and other materials that are difficult to achieve.

The reason why UV printer ink is so popular is that it has the following characteristics in addition to its free structure:

1. Environmental protection. The pollution caused by traditional printing companies is generally serious, and the environmental protection of UV printer inks has improved this, and it is also in line with the needs of market development.

2. Dry quickly. Large format UV printer ink applications are equipped with an LED UV cold light for universal printing. In the process of printing, it is directly cured by direct irradiation of UV printer ink, which is easy to use.

3. Strong UV protection. The level of lightfastness is 7-8, and the outdoor is at least 3 years.

What are the characteristics of UV printer inks:

1. It does not contain volatile organic solvents, has little pollution, does not harm people's health, does not require explosion-proof devices, and does not require a wastewater treatment device.

2. There is no inconsistency between the thickness of the printed ink film due to the volatilization of the solvent. You don't have to worry about solvent damage to the substrate during printing, and the ink quality is stable.

3. The ink is instantaneously dried to shorten the reaction time. Fast printing lines can be organized to increase printing efficiency.

4. Save ink during printing. Most UV printer inks can increase the printing area by 40~50% compared with traditional inks.

5. The ink does not block the net, which is more conducive to the printing of fine products.

6. It has better printing and printability.

Structure, Performance and Limitations of UV Printer Ink

UV product limitations:

1. Individual staff may be allergic.
2. Adhesion may not be ideal on some substrates.
3. The special nature of the printing workshop configuration.

It must be noted that during daily transportation and storage, the bottle containing the UV printer ink is required to be black opaque and the cap tightly sealed. This can avoid internal solidification caused by ultraviolet radiation in the sun, and close the bottle cap to avoid the incorporation of impurities such as dust and particles. When in use, the operator is required to be back the sun, and the ink is poured into the ink cartridge with the shadow.
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