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Unveil the Mystery of the UV Printer

UV printer is a new type of direct digital printing technology developed in the past ten years. It is a computer-controlled software that directly prints the desired pattern on the surface of the product, also known as a non-contact inkjet printer. The UV in the UV printer is the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, which is the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp. Make the printed product dry during the printing process, and the pattern will not be blurred.

UV mainly contains three aspects, namely ink, curing principle, and printing.

Ink: Unlike previous water-based inks, textile inks, oil-based inks, and solvent-based inks, the new generation of equipment uses UV ink. The UV ink itself is a solvent-based and oil-based ink that is a chemical ink with a slight corrosive effect. Therefore, in daily use, try to avoid contact with the body.

Curing principle: The curing method does not produce odor, generate heat, or generate bubbles in a very short period of time. This is primarily determined by the photosensitizer present in the UV ink.

Printing: Direct piezoelectric inkjet printheads are inkjet printed from 12.5px to 25px above the material. The UV ink is directly sprayed on the surface of the material, and then irradiated by a led lamp on both sides of the nozzle to dry the ink.

Our large format UV printers are also capable of meeting the high quality image output needs of many industries.

Unveil the Mystery of the UV Printer

The UV printer is a high-tech, free-to-print, full-color digital press that is not limited by materials. It can perform color photo-level printing on T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces. It does not require a plate to be printed once, and the colors are rich and colorful. It is resistant to abrasion and UV rays, easy to operate, and fast in printing images, fully in line with industrial printing standards. It can be widely used in silk screen printing industry, gift processing industry, advertising industry, building materials home improvement industry, digital shell personality printing industry, packaging industry, electrical machinery panel industry, home decoration industry and so on. UV printers are widely used, with low cost, simple operation, simple process, small area, and flexible DIY personality.

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