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Digital UV Printing on Acrylic

Application Solutions of Digital Printing onto Acrylic

The JSW-F2513G digital acrylic printing machine is a high definition series product of Kingsway, specialized for the personalization processing line with small size while equipped with 2-8 Ricoh GEN 5 grey-scale piezoelectric printheads, and it can print in high-speed as well as high-precision in five colors 720*1800 DPI with photo-grade accuracy, therefore, it can also print the close-look-product. The high definition printer of JSW-F2513G acrylic printing machine can be the perfect solution for acrylic printing and bring benefits to this line.

Main Process of UV Digital Printing on Acrylic Sheet

  • Coating the white primer on the printing picture.
  • Printing personalize picture with 3D effect.
  • Curing the ink after cleaning the shell and coating the UV varnish. (alternative procedure)

Targeted Application Field of UV Digital Acrylic Printer

The acrylic UV printing machine is widely used in making signpost, outdoor light-box advertisement, badge and display card. Acrylic is a kind of malleable high polymer material with good transparency and stable chemical and heat-resistant. Moreover, the acrylic has smooth printing surface and a touch of texture, the printing picture will be high class and against color with vivid color, which is fit to be used in a variety of commonplace, such as enterprise image wall, home decoration, high-class coffee room, hotel, and so on.

Equipment Recommendation of UV Digital Acrylic Printing Machines

F2513G/F2030G JSW Industrial Level Large Format UV Flatbed Printer
Digital UV Printing on Acrylic

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