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How Should The UV Digital Glass Printing Machine Be Maintained In A Humid Environment?

Inkjet printing, we not only pursue faster printing speeds and better color. In addition to selecting high-performance inkjet printing equipment, high-quality UV glass printing has strict requirements for the operation, consumables, and media of UV glass printing machines, inkjet printers,  and the working environment of UV digital glass printing machines. The wet environment has a great influence on the printing performance of theUV glass printing machine. How to maintain it in a humid environment then?

The weather is too humid, thus there are problems such as the quality of the printed image is not high, the UV ink is slow to dry, the adhesion is not good, and the color is easy to fade, etc. However, this situation is not because a problem with the ink of UV digital printing machine, not as theUV glass printing machine is broken, but due to the working environment. The weather is too humid and the color of the inkjet is too dark. If the film is passed through, the film will easily fall off without adhering to the medium, and the ink on the adhesive will be difficult to dry. The humid weather also has a greater impact on the board of the machine, generally because of the water accumulated on the board, which causes the board to be short-circuited when it is turned o.

If the working environment of the UV digital glass printing machine is obviously changed from cold to warm, please close all the doors and windows immediately, and do not open the exhaust fan as much as possible to avoid drawing the humid air outside into the room. If the air-conditioning equipment is installed in the working space of the UV glass printing machine, you can turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify, and use the dehumidifier or the cooling gear to dehumidify the room. If the resurgence is too strong, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier, whose effect will be better. It is especially important to remember to close the doors and windows when turning on the air-conditioner to promote dehumidification.

Relevant printing media materials should be protected from moisture, since the printing media is easy to absorb moisture and damp, besides the wet portray material is likely to cause the ink to spread. Therefore, the portray material should be returned to the original packaging after each use, and try not to touch the ground and the wall. If there are no bags, you can choose to seal those materials with the bottom of the film.

The use of UV glass printing machine should be related to moisture-proof maintenance. For example, the main body casing of uv digital glass printing machine should be covered to avoid short-circuit of related circuit boards and components caused by air humidity. It is recommended that the motherboard, the cardboard, and the line interface are better to be blown dry with the hairdryer before each boot. If the conditions permit, the machine can be left unopened after every task of the machine is completed.

The above operation can easily avoid the influence of humid environment on the printout of digital glass printing machine, and doing the above work in wet weather can not only helps the UV glass printing machine to improve work efficiency in humid climate, but also helps to extend the life expectation of the UV digital glass printing machine and to improve the printing quality.
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