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What Are the Benefits of A Flatbed Printing Machine On Glass?

Glass printing is a popular way of printing now, so what are the benefits of flatbed printing on glass?

1. Simple and easy. Using a flatbed printer to put digital uv printing on glass, the operator is freed from the tedious work of plate making, drying and repeating the color. There is no need for a variety of tools in thermal transfer or screen printing. Instead, they are replaced with a computer and a UV tablet, which save manpower, material resources and financial resources, you may get the printing without waiting.
2. Compatibility of machine is strong. The printer can print on soft textiles, leather, fabrics, etc., and can handle hard metal, glass, crystal, slate, etc.; it can be printed on inorganic materials, and can be changed in unpredictable organisms. Printing on the ground completely avoids the dependence of water transfer and screen printing on consumables, better meets the diversified needs of the market, and provides more comprehensive services.
3. Print accurately and transition naturally. The flat-panel printer is directly connected to the computer, and the digital uv printing on the glass through digitally precise control. There is no problem of printing area and position. In addition, the machine performs multi-color printing at one time, avoiding the problem of artificial color registration and aligning engraving. Etching and integration work better.

Traditional silk screen printing is generally difficult to reflect all color transitions, and the boundary of the drawing effect is clear, and the UV flatbed printer uses five color inks to print the digital uv printing on glass, which fundamentally breaks through the traditional printing bottleneck.

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