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What Are the Operating Steps of the Cell Phone Case Printer?

Nowadays, all kinds of personalized mobile phone cases popular in the market are printed by the cell phone case printer. The cell phone case printer is a kind of flat material printing which can be directly used for cell phone case, computer case, etc. It is extremely simple to operate and print. The printing flowers are colorful, realistic, scratch-proof and anti-fading. So what are the printing steps of the cell phone case printing machine?

The cell phone case printer is actually a uv printer, which is an inkjet flatbed printer that does not touch the substrate, and can print a personalized color pattern directly on the surface of the cell phone case. The following is the general process flow of the cell phone case printer:

Step 1: slightly process the pattern you want to print on the computer graphics software, adjust the color brightness and perform simple typesetting.

Step 2: Place the phone case to be printed on the suction platform. Because the platform is suctionary, the phone case does not need to be fixed. If you print a mosaic pattern, you can place multiple phone cases at a time. If multiple phone cases print one or more pictures, you need to type in the drawing software first, then place the phone case. However, be sure to pay attention when placing the phone case, do not exceed the print range of the cell phone case printer.

Step 3: Import the edited pattern into the photoprint printing software and click Print.

Step 4: Immediately after printing, the printed phone case can be taken out and shipped directly. This is because the mobile phone shell printer uses UV ink printer, which can be used immediately. It is also possible to remove the printed mobile phone case and leave it on one side for a few minutes to make the ink firmer and the ink to be completely dried before the printed phone case is more scratch-resistant.

The operation procedure of the above cell phone case printer is only the step of printing the general cell phone case. If you want special effects such as 3D and relief, the operation steps will be different. We can understand the more comprehensive process flow to the uv printer manufacturer.

The operation is very simple, isn't it? If you want to buy a cell phone case printer and go back to your own business or do processing, then Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo recommends that you understand our cell phone case printer. Zhongrui Sibo cell phone case printer is cost-effective and the price is also suitable to be your preferred machine.
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