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Why Can't UV Printer Equipments Print Mirrors?

The reason UV printers can't print material like mirrors is that of the print head. As we all know, the biggest specification of UV ink is that it is cured by light, and when we expose it by the UV lamp, it will be cured instantly. But if the material we print is like mirrors, then there will be reflected during the printing process. The reflection of light happened to shoot on the nozzles, this will block the nozzles with cured ink, then damage the print head.

So, we must pay attention to this when using the printer. Some may ask about why we can print material like crystals? It is because when the crystals shine by UV lamp, the light is just bent, there will be few light exposed on the printhead, and this will not have a big impact. In a word, material like crystals can be printed.

Considering this, we recommend glass plate with darker color and less reflection when choosing, this can decrease the risks of reflection and improve the lifetime of print heads, increase the customers' confidence to our machine.
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