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Why Do We Choose Digital Ceramic Decal Printer of Zhongrui Sibo

In the process of printing, the ink of digital ceramic decal printer penetrates into the inside of the printing material through corrosion, so the printed image has the characteristics of no fading, waterproof, anti-UV, anti-scratch, etc. Moreover, the printing speed is fast, the definition is high and the color is high. Clearly, digital ceramic decal printer of Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo is the ideal equipment for printing wall tiles, floor tiles and tiles.

Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo is a professional digital ceramic decal printer manufacturer in China and has obtained ISO9001:2000 certification. The UV inkjet printer produced by Zhongrui Sibo Technology uses high-temperature ink, which is sprayed on the tile enamel, then sintered at high temperature, it never fades. It adopts industrial stainless steel nozzle and has fast printing speed.

Kunshan Zhongrui Sibo's digital ceramic decal printing technology implements strict quality control at every stage of the production process and all of our wide format uv printers have passed CE, UL, and FCC certifications. Compared with other related products, products of Zhongrui Sibo's digital ceramic decal printer have quality of exporting and the price is relatively low to the people.
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