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Why Do UV Printing Companies Use Acrylic UV Printing?

Rich color coating of UV printing acrylic

If you use screen printing, you need to apply colors when printing multiple colors. The harder to print the color, the greater the distortion of the color there will be.

However, inks of acrylic printing machine can be adjusted automatically according to standards of colors. Even the hard-to-print gradients can be printed flawlessly and the colors of prints are deeper and darker, which improves the artistic quality of the products.

Acrylic UV green inkjet is environmentally friendly without pollution

Inks of acrylic printing machine use acrylic materials that do not require the addition of water or other additives to produce harmful residual printing water. At the same time, the flat-panel UV acrylic printing machine sounds very small when printed, it does not generate noise and does not cause any pollution to the environment.

Embossed acrylic UV processing shows a strong sense of three-dimensional

Since flat-panel UV acrylic printing machine equipment can print a rich color gradient, when white is used with ink, it is possible to print images on embossed textures, and the printed patterns have a strong stereo effect. Not only are stereoscopic effects visually reflected, but you can also experience significant levels of touch, so you can increase your product's competitiveness in the marketplace.

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